Our references?

Letter of reference from TELDOC

telDoc is a modern platform offering comprehensive medical care focused on you and your physical and mental well-being.

Letter of reference from Coface

Coface in Poland, a leader in the field of receivables management.
With over 75 years of experience and an extensive international network, Coface is the market leader in receivables insurance and risk management.

Letter of reference from PGM Automotive

PGM Automotive sp. z o.o. is a consortium of export-oriented companies from renowned Polish car manufacturers. Their cooperation works on product synergies, enabling them to recover remote and difficult markets – in the specialty of Africa and the Near East. Products under the „PGM Automotive“ brand have been developed in compliance with the highest European standards, in accordance with the international standards IAFT 16949 and ISO9001.

Letter of reference for the eNorton mobile applications

We have received references for creating a mobile application for phones and tablets with the Google Android (version 2.3 and higher) and Apple iOS (version 6.1 and higher) systems, called eNorton. It enables browsing the extensive product range of Norton products in the field and provides a fast and easy to use search function. The implementation also includes information on the company and a map of points of sale.

Hackett Hamilton Sp. z o.o. – The KINO+ application

Hackett Hamilton is a creative agency that helps businesses build their brands with optimal strategies of marketing activities. It performs comprehensive ATL, BTL, Digital, Mobile, Event, Outdoor, and CI jobs.
Saint-Gobain – a French concern manufacturing glass, plastic, gypsum, insulation wool, construction chemicals, etc. It distributes its materials through a network of warehouses for the heating, sanitation, fittings and construction and repair markets. The Saint-Gobain group ranks tenth among the largest French companies; it is listed on the Paris stock exchange and is included in the CAC 40 index. The company manufactures the largest amounts of insulation materials in the world; on the European market it is the leader in glass production.

Roulunds Braking

Roulunds Braking is a company specialising in manufacturing components for the automotive industry. Since 2003, Roulunds Braking has operated as part of the American MAT Holdings group. Due to the company’s many years of experience in manufacturing friction linings, Roulunds Braking braking pads and disks designed for passenger and delivery cars are characterised by durability and reliability.

Fomar Friction

Fomar Friction – a manufacturer of brake pads, linings and disks for passenger, cargo and utility cars. Fomar Friction has been in the business of braking system components for several decades. Its product range includes parts for passenger, utility and cargo cars. As a manufacturer, they produce brake pads, disks, shoes and linings.